Welcome to the University of Chicago Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and Rehabilitation Medicine.

The University of Chicago Orthopaedic Surgery Residency Program is designed and devoted to the education of capable, skilled, thoughtful, and moral orthopaedic surgeons who will be great contributors to the field. Through active engagement between both educators and learners, the residents are engaged in a well-rounded educational experience that encompasses the acquisition of both clinical knowledge and surgical skills as well experience in orthopaedic research, patient safety, and quality.  Built on a rich tradition and culture of resident-centered education, the Residency Program allows for the progressive transition from a young physician to a well-educated, competent, autonomous orthopaedic surgeon capable of practicing confidently, safely, and ethically within the many facets of high quality patient-centered health care.

Educational Program Contacts:

Annie Detrick, Education Administrator
Office: 773-834-2858

Oluwafemi Afolabi, Administrative Specialist
Office: 773-702-6254




Our robust residency program in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery is aimed at developing the next generation of world-class surgeons from today's best and brightest minds in medical education.

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Through our fellowship programs, trainees will have access to our state-of-art facilities, award-winning faculty mentors and so much more. Fellows will prepare to bring a high-level of skill and knowledge to the specialty of their choosing.

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The educational programming received is student-centric, hands-on with real life application.

The 2022-23 course catalog will be available in VSLO on April 1st.

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